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Fall Roofing & Maintenance Tips

Fall is a great time to schedule roofrepair projects withyour local Apex and Raleigh Roofer. With the cooler weather arriving you should make a couple of precautionary strides to ensure that your home is not a casualty to damage and/or excessive energy expenses this winter. It's suggested that you inspect your roof once in the fall and again in the late spring, and after heavy storms. Here are a few steps to take this fall season:

Complete a standard inspection of the roofing system and all of its components such as rooftop units, parapets, flashing, skylights, guttering systems, copings, and creases. Hiring a residential roofing contractor in Raleigh or Apex to conduct this inspection will provide assurance and peace of mind that this has been performed correctly.

After the inspection, you should periodically clean out any accumulated leaves, dirt and debris that have gathered in the gutters, downspouts, scuppers, and valleys. Monitoring this throughout the year and especially if the fall will help avoid any damages that can occur from a blocked drainage system says a veteranroofer in Raleigh and Apex.

Removing any dead tree limbs, big branches and trees leaning towards your home will help prevent costly damage and repairs that can arise from inclement weather.

Roofing inspections are a critical part of owning your home and are often overlooked, ignored or avoided. Call us today at (919) 909-2438 or contact us for aFREE estimate.

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November 8, 2018
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